Weather incompatibility warning from Pilot’s

FSGRW_06Looks like there’s a little bit of turbulence in the simulated weather world, as Stefan from Pilot’s has been in contact to advise us of a compatibility issue between their FS Global Real Weather and HiFi Tech‘s newly released Active Sky Next.

If you have installed Active Sky Next (full or trial) for FSX and want to use FS Global Real Weather again, you need to deinstall ASN. It has come to our knowledge, that ASN installs a dll, which blocks access to certain FSX weather features even if ASN is not running. FSGRW will fail to deliver correct upper air winds, if you keep ASN installed.

We currently are investigating and seeking a solution.

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  1. HiFi ASN is amazing, I own REX and OPUS but ASN just kicked their ass in the FSX Weather Dept. 🙂 My sky and clouds are incredible, me happy!

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