Two requests from A2A

G-RENM_01_8x4There are a couple of pieces of news from A2A Simulations today – one request for assistance, and one offer of answers from a developer.

First of all, the team have announced that the beta test version of Accu-Sim Core Update v.1.5.5 is ready and they have requested new applications to join the team for the test, which consists primarily, but not solely, of updates to the Accu-Sim C172 Trainer pictured above. Details for this can be found on this post at the A2A forums.

Secondly, on the A2A facebook page, you will find an offer to ask questions of team developer Michal “empeck” Puto – lead artist on the aforementioned and pictured C172 – which will hopefully be answered over the next few days.

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  1. No, you aren’t missing anything. At present, they are not supporting P3Dv2, although on their forums, you will find plenty of people who are happily moving products into the new platform and using them, with varying degrees of success.

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