Update on FSGRW/ASN incompatibility

FSGRW_05Further news on the incompatibility issues between FSGRW and ActiveSky Next has been sent to us by Pilot’s, in the following press release:

If you have installed Active Sky Next (full or trial) for FSX and want to use FSGRW as well, you need to have installed FSUIPC from version 4.925. Download it from the link at our website at

Earlier versions will result in FSGRW failing to deliver correct upper air winds. Never use both weather programs at the same time.

Thanks to Pete and Damian to sort that out.

FSUIPC 4.925 is available directly from Pete Dowson’s modules thread here at the simFlight forums.

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  1. Ironically Hifi have confirmed that 4.925 now breaks ASN in many respects, so make sure you update again in the next 24 hours or so, hopefully Pete will have fixed it by then, or go back to version 4.92 to get ASN working correctly again. There is a link to 4.92 on the Hifi forums in the tech support section of the ASNext forum.

    1. This whole problem is caused by HiFi’s new DLL file blocking – probably unintentionally – any FSUIPC injected weather from working. The irony here is that “FSUIPC injected weather” includes many of HiFi’s earlier products, while they still supported FS2004.

      The FSUIPC “fix” only worked if both FSGRW and ASN were installed on the same PC as FSX anyway, so the only real answer to this is to only install one weather package at a time until the error is resolved – or disable HiFi’s DLL when running FSGRW. Incidentally, 4.924 is the version you should be running if you decide not to use 4.925. 4.92 takes out a lot of the functionality added and, critically for many people, will NOT work with P3Dv2.

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