Rise of Flight News and another sale!

headEvery time we mention Rise of Flight, we seem to be announcing another sale, so yes, it’s Christmas and this sale’s not a bad one either – 50% off the entire range of DLC bar one thing, which is a new release in the form of the Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter.

The ‘Strutter’ comes with a little Christmas gift in itself because not only is there the expected 2-seater version, but 777 Studios have also decided to give away the single seat version with it. The aircraft are available as of the latest update, which was released last week, on the 19th December. Users of the Steam version of RoF will have to wait, as the Sopwith will be included in an as-yet unannounced DLC pack for that platform.

Take a look at the Rise of Flight store for the full range of add-ons available. The sale runs from December 19th 2013 to January 2nd 2014.

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