Kenai and Fairoaks from Orbx

Two more airports have just snuck in before the stocking deadline from Orbx – Kenai Municipal in Alaska and Fairoaks in Surrey, UK.

Kenai (PAEN), by Russ White, is described as being a ‘medium sized’ airport, capable of taking airliner traffic, but with bush aircraft also a regular site, using both the tarmac and gravel runways for operations. The scenery sits within a large photoreal area covering miles of coastline and wetlands around the river estuary and is populated with Russ’s usual high quality textures, plus new “FPS friendly” 3d grass techniques.

Fairoaks (EGTF), on the other hand, is a small GA airport just south of London Heathrow’s TMA. Created by Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn, once more this scenery uses Orbx “flow” technologies to bring life to the airfield and features high quality textures set against a photoreal background area, plus the nearby McLaren Tech Centre.

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