Milviz’s 407 lifts off

B407007Also released is Milviz’s MV 407 utility helicopter – available in versions for FSX and P3Dv2. According to the website, P3Dv1 is not directly supported, although the installer does allow for this option as well.

Features of the pack include realistic start up and shutdown procedures plus systems, flight dynamics tested and tuned by real pilots, DX10/11 lighting effects and four liveries. Virtual pilots using older software may need to be aware that Windows XP and FSX installations without SP2 or Accel are also not supported. Full details and purchase information can be found here. The P3Dv2 version is, currently, only available directly from Milviz, here.

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  1. What are you writing i bought the Beta Version and the MILVIZ 407 is finisch ? is not out ?

  2. You say the finel product is out ? why i got no E-mail of it
    I have the reception bought it via paypal and gote an E-Mail back from Milviz date 12 Dez. Pre Order the MV407.

    1. I strongly suggest that you take that up with Milviz, Thomas, as it is they who are responsible for your pre-purchase and they who have released the product for general purchase via multiple sales outlets.

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