Hypothetical Hubs – Oriental Operations

114825_2According to the Oxford English Dictionary, in zoological terms, the term “oriental” refers to “relating to or denoting a zoogeographical region comprising Asia south of the Himalayas and Indonesia west of Wallace’s line.” – the latter, if you are interested, cuts down between Borneo and Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok. We’ll allow you to spread a little further than that to include the South East Asian islands in their entirety… Maybe even a little further if it’s worth the visit. 😉

For this one, you’re a charter pilot in a small passenger turboprop, a Twin Otter, KingAir, Pilatus PC-6 or similar. Where would you take it or base yourself out of? In what sim? Any particular reason? Comments in the box below, please?

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Thilo, the funny thing about all those places you mentioned, I was at all of those places in real life as part of a cool trip I did in Indonesia.
I want to Place myself in Kota Biak. or ambon


I would base my aircraft in Sulawesi, Macassar or Manado or in Irian Jaya, Wamena. Indonesia is a very interesting place with so many island and small and some also dangerous airstrips. I would use FSX because there is no alternative. Pity, that not much is
covered from this nice country.