QualityWings unveil The Ultimate 737 Classic


It’s not really another 737 Classic project for Flight Simulator as it has started at Enigma Solutions, and QualityWings announce they are taking over the product development.

The 737-300/ -400 / -500 series will be modeled, shipping with both EFIS and Non-EFIS flightdecks according to Corey Ford, CEO.

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  1. Yawn maybe to you…. I know a lot of people that will buy this A/C including myself…!

  2. There may seem to be 737NGs everywhere, but it’s actually been a long time (FS2002, to be precise, from Wilco/FeelThere) that we have had a vaguely decent “classic” -3/-4/-5 model created.

    A lot of people prefer the older models to the current generation of glass cockpit equipped aircraft, so it’s a very common request to developers. It may not interest you, Colin, but it interests a lot of people.

  3. Um, this one is likely to be glass as well – only a few airlines like SW bought the steam gauges in the 300s…it is an NG with the primary display above the nav display…pretty much flies the same, flows the same…

  4. I’d like a quality 200 personally…sadly the MILVZ has lots of problems and the Just Flight bird is a joke. And I stopped buying Captain Sim years ago…

  5. What I’d really like to see is a good 727, actually…the Captain Sim has big problems including a f’up flight director. wish Dreamfleet had ported their bird over…

  6. The Classics are “hybrid” rather than Glass Cockpit. They don’t use big multi-function displays, they used small single function displays (and in some cases, as you say, steam gauges as part of the panel). The operation of a B734/5/6 is far more akin to a B737-1/2 cockpit than a -6/7/8/9, but without the limitations inherent to the airframe and particularly engines of the original -1/-2.

    With three already on the market, albeit as you say all of them less than ideal, it would be a very brave company who released another 737-1/-2 or NG. The “Classic” is a very popular jet with a complete void for FSX, though, so it’s insurprising that after other hybrid panel aircraft such as the BAe RJ and B757, they are looking at this one. It fits in with their experience, without being yet another MD-80, either!

  7. Having driven the Dreamfleet 737 400 till the wheels fell off, I don’t really see much difference in flying procedures from the 400 to the NGX…not enough to want to buy it.

  8. Then you evidently aren’t using many of the capabilities of the NG!

    Regardless, a lot of people want what you don’t, so while I respect your opinion, I equally respectfully have to disagree.

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