MegeScenery Earth covers Nevada

121308_ii_1695We’re all fellow pilots here, right? So which is the most important city in Nevada – Sin City, or Reno?

Obviously, most people know Nevada because of Las Vegas – the city of lights and brightly coloured poker chips – but we’re a different breed. To us, Nevada is home to the Reno Air Races, Nellis Air Force Base and yeah, okay, grudgingly, we’ll admit that Las Vegas has commercial airports as well.

Nevada, in total, is over 110,000 square miles and actually has 114 airports, including the famous ones. MegaScenery Earth‘s phototextures have a resolution of 50cm/pixel throughout the state – more about which can be found and the package purchased here.

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  1. MegaSceneryEarth would be mis-selling this if they were claiming its 50cm resolution (they aren’t, you are wrong in the description above), the source imagery that the scenery is made from is 50cm per pixel, supposedly, the final product isn’t though its only 1.2metres per pixel i.e. half the resolution of the source. I know because I mistakenly bought California yesterday directly from them thinking it was higher resolution than this, (they don’t actually state what the final resolution is on the product page, you have to go digging through various pages to find that tidbit of information, but its most definitely not 50cm, it is 1.2metres (120cm) per pixel at best and even then its questionable whether that is true or not as it certainly looks a lot fuzzier than the default textures and the textures that come with FTX Global for example and they are definitely 1.2m per pixel and much clearer.

    I used to beta test for Horizon Simulations many moons ago so I know more than most when it comes to photoscenery. I should have realised from the download size that it was not any better than 1.2m, but I didn’t realise at the time that California covered nearly twice (x1.75 actually) as much area as the UK. If it was 60cm per pixel (FSX doesn’t support 50cm, the closest is 60cm) the download would have been 4 times bigger for the whole of California, so instead of 76Gb it would have been 304Gb. Silly me.

    I had also forgotten how barren photoscenery on looks from low level, I hope UTX hurry up and get Project X out real soon as that will change things dramatically.

    1. Ian read the article here again “phototextures have a resolution of 50cm/pixel throughout the state –” that’s pretty clear what you are stating and its wrong. I’m only trying to clear up the facts here.

  2. Sorry… Drive by iPad posting – I was just saying that the only information that PC Aviator have given me to go on is the sentence above.

    I’ll look into this further once I’m back on copper rather than flying bytes!

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