Cessna 195 Businessliner Preview

Coming soon from Alabeo is the iconic Cessna 195 Businessliner.  Alabeo has released this first outside views and it will fly in both FSX and P3D.

Wikipedia says this: “The Cessna 190 and 195 Businessliner are a family of light single radial engine powered, conventional landing gear equipped, general aviation aircraft which were manufactured by Cessna between 1947 and 1954”.

What do you say?

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  1. I say – Great news !! Glad to see this Beautiful Radial Engine Liner made in such high quality finally.

    What be be even better is they’d offer this Cessna 195 as a “Float” version too as well as a wheeled version !!

    Then Sim Pilots could Land on Water as well as Land, hopefully they’ll do that !!!

    Also, glad to see something like this developed, am getting real tired of all these Boeing and Airbus Jetliners being developed lately its becoming too redundt !

  2. Looks real good…
    Would like to see these new models come with:
    Wheels, Skis, Wheel/Skis, Floats and Amphibious Floats
    The DeHavilland of Canada DHC-3 single engine radial Otter should be produced in all configurations also.
    Many Canadian Liveries are available.
    In Canada Skis or Wheel/Skis were common on most Civilian and Military Utility or General Aviation Aircraft.
    The settings were usually when on Wheel/Skis were usually:
    Full Ski…3/4 Ski…Half Ski…1/4 Ski…Up Ski (aircraft landing on wheels only)

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