Free : SCS Tupolev Tu-134A v2.0


The new version 2.0 of the Tupolev TU-134A by SCS has now a virtual cockpit. Even better, it features also a new air conditioning system with pressure control.

I see smiles on FS2004 pilots faces ! You’ll find on that page.

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  1. NOTE: this is for 2004 – I tried it in FSX Gold / Acceleration anyway , users will end up with Glass Texture problems (can’t see out the cockpit windows – black glass), some gauges won’t show up, smoke system off.

    FSX users probably shouldn’t try this version, just so ya know ahead of time.

  2. Great airplane and looks nicely. This is for FS9 only. I tryed it but and have problem with APU (shoot down about 3-4 minuts from start) and I can’t power up this plane. I follow procedures but cant prevent APU to shoot down.

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