SF Exclusive: JustFlight’s Canberra PR9, Interview and Screenshots



JustFlight has been busy developing their first all-sim-version (FSX, P3D) project, the Canberra PR9.

A very british aircraft indeed, manufactured by English Electric this bomber flew from 1949 until it was retired in 2006, an impressive 55 years of service. Over 900 units were built according to Wikipedia sources.

This is the first project for JustFlight´s the newly formed in-house development team and release is now imminent, therefore we had small chat with  Richard Slater, the development team´s manager answered this questions about the project (after the click):

SF: So has the Canberra PR9 proved the challenge you envisaged it would be when you set out on the project or has it all been plain sailing?

JF: It’s been a great project to work on. We were lucky enough to be able to begin the project by spending a day at Kemble airport with the real XH134 that our aircraft is based on. We were able to crawl over and into every inch of the Canberra and spend time with the engineers and pilots currently working with the aircraft, all of whom have been invaluable sources of information over the course of development.
That’s not to say it’s been without challenges. We’ve been through everything from days’ worth of work lost due to software crashes to trying to find someone who can tell us for definite whether the canopy jettison handle operates by a twist & pull or a pull & twist.

SF: Which areas do you think your customers are going to be most impressed with?

JF: I think people are going to be blown away with the detail that hasgone into the cockpit. The aim for the Canberra cockpit has been to push the envelope as far as we can take it, and in fact we did get to the limit of what the old FSX tools can manage. With the visuals and the fact that the aircraft systems have been modeled in their entirety all adds up to make this a pretty special release (in our humble opinion).

SF: Where will this product fit in within the Just Flight range? Is it aimed at a specific type of flight simmer?

JF: It should hopefully appeal to pretty much everyone. It’s an aircraft with bags of character and there is always enough going on i the cockpit with the fuel management and electrical systems to keep the hard-core simmer amused, or you can enable the auto-fuel management feature and just enjoy a pleasant flight in a superb looking cockpit.

SF: Can you divulge anything about your next development project?

JF: Next up we are probably going to revisit the TriStar software and work on a pretty substantial systems upgrade for it. After that we have a couple of projects in mind, likely to be a fast jet and an iconic British Airliner. However, these thing are always subject to change and until you start laying down polygons and code it always remains up for debate. Usually over a Balti at our local curry house.

Thank you Richard! JF tells us further that they are now within days of the products release date. Here is more concised information about the project:

  • After extensive research on Mid-Air Squadron’s Canberra XH134, the highly anticipated first aircraft for FSX, P3D and P3D v2 from Just Flight’s new development team is now almost ready for take-off!
  • This photo-reconnaissance variant of the RAF’s first jet bomber has been modelled in exceptional detail, from its complex cockpit systems to the immaculate high definition texturing.
  • Official documentation has been used for reference throughout the development process to ensure complete accuracy of flight operations and cockpit functionality, resulting in stunning visual accuracy and an impressive level of functionality.
  • English Electric’s high-altitude jet bomber was immediately in demand with air forces across the globe as soon as the first production aircraft took to the air, and now Just Flight’s amazing new Canberra is all set to create a similar stir among the virtual flight community.
  • True 3D virtual cockpit accurately modelled right down to the cables and piping – every instrument is constructed in full 3D with smooth animations and the cockpit texturing meticulously reproduces the aircraft’s many years of service
  • Custom-coded multi-tank fuel system with pumps and fuel transfer functionality
  • Accurate external modelling based on the real-world aircraft plans – animations include canopy, navigator hatch, pilot ladder, ground power units, flare bay doors, chocks and retractable landing light
  • Authentic hydraulic, electrical, battery, engine start and fire detection systems
  • Comprehensive and fully functioning communications and navigation fit
  • Fourteen 2D pop-up panels are included for easy access to cockpit controls and instruments
  • 2048×2048 textures produce the highest possible texture clarity
  • Interactive checklists for every stage of flight
  • Authentic autopilot with track, glide, altitude, pitch and bank hold modes
  • Custom Flight Analysis utility
  • 170-page printed manual (printed version with the Boxed DVD-ROM edition)


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