Calling all DC-3 fans!

The DC-3 is probably the most iconic aircraft ever built. We all love it! Most of you are certainly aware of the freeware gorgeous rendition of a vintage DC-3/C-47 model fitted with a modern VC by Manfred Jahn and his team, released not a long time ago, available at most FS file libraries.

Jan Visser, of the MAAM’s  DC-3/R4D  fame, is currently preparing a new virtual cockpit to match Jahn´s models. Jan selected a vintage virtual cockpit that will make happy all DC-3/C-47 fans since they will be enjoying probably the most complete DC-3/C-47 add-on for FSX/P3D ever made.

The screenshots already posted by Jan indicate that this will be in fact a unique jewel in the FS skies! To follow the progress of Jan´s virtual cockpit please join the friendly FSX forum at Simouthouse.


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  1. Great, wish he’d also do an update for the DC-6’s & DC’4s DC’7s as well, the DC-3 always seems to get the attention while the poor ol’ DC’6s get neglected.

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