Just Planes – Azul “Ladies in Pink” ATR72 EMB195 Blu-Ray


It’s time to pay a visit to Azul airline company in Brazil, with Just Planes invitation. If you don’t have this opportunity now, simMarket has a Blu-Ray video at least.

For their third visit to the airline, they “focus and feature some of the Ladies flying for Azul”. You will quickly understand why, as the company participates in breast cancer awareness promotion, by painting some of their commuter aircraft with a special livery and sending funds to Femama, a dedicated Brazilian organization.

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  1. All-women crews. I think it is worth noting: we’ve come a long way since the 60s…

  2. Hi Alex,

    Why so negative?
    Everybody know that we came a long way sinds the 60’s
    But its nice to see profesional crews at work, man or female.
    But i love the happy smiles of all these woman on board.
    They look very happy together,and that is real important.

    Greetings from the Netherlands


  3. Worryingly, friends in the airline industry tell me that there are still people out there who demand to get off aircraft immediately they find out there is a woman on the flightdeck. Time may have left the 60s behind, but some people still want to be stuck there.

  4. Hi Bob,

    Sadly you are very right about that.
    Some people are so, im not even gonna say it 😉



  5. And just to clear it up, my comment was meant to be anything but negative, on the contrary.

    On Women’s Day there was a news piece on tv about another all-women crew flying for TAP, the portuguese national airline. But the reporter did note that (even though we have come a long way), while we still need to remind people that men and women can be equal with a special date on the calendar we haven’t yet reached our destination. Cheers!

  6. Hi Alex,

    I totaly agree with you on that,

    Its sad that there are still people that think like idiots.

    Cheers! 😉

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