DBS Studio Follow Me Service P3D v1/v2

DBS_followme_2014Lost in the airport after landing ? Or maybe you need a guide to find your way to the runway threshold before take off ?

DBS Studios have a solution, in FSX, and FS2004, and now also in P3D v1/v2 : it’s the Follow Me Service car that you can request from a menu directly in the simulator.

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  1. I’m don’t have this product but if you look at the features list it actually does things AES does not, like guiding from gate to rwy. It is competition like this that drives the development of new features. And guess who gains from this race?

  2. are real follow me cars pimped up like that one with the blue neon lights underneath?! 🙂

  3. I just wonder whether the ops guy driving that one often feels the need to race aircraft down the runway, so he can get to a speed where the spoiler might actually do something!

    Maybe the blue lighting is an automated taxiway lighting system to guide aircraft on unlit taxiways? 😉

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