Prepar3D version 2.2 released

On the ‘latest news‘ page of the Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D website, Software Manager Wesley Bard  informs us that version 2.2 of the sim is now available for download to licensed customers.

Including a number of updates, improvements and fixes, v2.2 can be downloaded from your “Purchased Downloads” page if you are logged into the site and have previously licensed version 2.x. A list of some of the included changes can be found by clicking “Read more”, below.

At a very high level, the Prepar3D v2.2 update has the following updates and addresses the following issues:

  • Autogen out of memory crashes
  • The inclusion of the v2.1 panels ‘hotfix’ that reverted changes to the ContentErrorLogging system that caused previously compatible aircraft to not work
  • New cloud shadows feature as well as several new shadow system optimizations
  • A new sample for the Prepar3D Development Kit (PDK) API – Oculus Rift integration
  • Native radar support for Prepar3D developers
  • A redesign and refactor of the legacy Flight Recorder system
  • A new FlightInstructor mode for SimDirector, as well as several other SimDirector enhancements
  • Several other community and developer issues resolved

Other issues resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where force feedback joysticks would not continue to rumble after an initial vehicle crash
  • Resolved a backwards compatibility issue where DTX 5 vegetation would flicker in several Orbx addons
  • Resolved a backwards compatibility issue with the airport lighting in Aerosoft airport addons
  • Resolved an issue where aircraft labels were not being drawn at the distance that was expected
  • Resolved an issue where ground visibility was limited to 50 miles
  • Resolved a crash where constantly spamming the pause and unpause in certain addon aircraft could crash the Prepar3D sound system
  • Resolved an issue where AI aircraft could swap texture sets
  • Resolved an issue certain stock airports were not rendering their taxiways
  • Resolved an issue where the modeling tools would not respond to EventID and CallbackJumpDragging tags
  • Threaded out several jobs to help prevent stutters in rendering the autogen systems
  • Resolved an issue where trees would render in and out with the camera rotating
  • Resolved a legacy issue with setting brake SimVars via SimConnect would not work as documented
  • Resolved an issue where render to texture views were not scaling correctly in 2D panels
  • Resolved an issue where IR views showed the sun as large squares
  • Disabled AA on clouds, particles and faded edges
  • Added additional sliders to the lighting settings page to independently control terrain and shadow draw distances

To view the full news article, with a more in-depth look at the changes,  visit the Prepar3D website, here.

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  1. Love this sim! P3D 2.2 is the best civilian flight sim out there……sorry XP10!

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