Cera Sim UH-60L updated

115841_uh60 (32)Cera Sim have released an update to their UH60L Black Hawk product for FSX+Acceleration, fixing a number of issues with the helicopter package, which can be downloaded by simMarket customers by logging into their account and downloading the latest file.

According to the Cera Sim Facebook page, the patch (which they refer to as “v1.0”) contains the following fixes, and the post also contains some advice for users regarding problems that are actually user misinterpretations:

UH 60L Blackhawk Patch V1.0 Release!


– Fixed Multiplayer session.
– Fixed landing gear Impact Damage .
– Fixed landing gear retactable sound.
– Fixed consumption Fuel.

Note: Parking brake and Tail wheel lock, work perfectly.

Parking brake release: apply left brake, will release the parking brakes (see Checklist Page 1).

Tail wheel lock: Is controlled by the tail wheel lock control switch in the miscellaneous switch panel (see User’s guide Page 9).

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