Alaskan “Final Frontier” version 10… in XP10


Alaska has been a draw for simulated pilots for about as long as it has been available to visit. With many communities only reachable by air, sea, or long mountain and forest hikes, the area is reliant on bush aircraft to live at all and commercial air travel for communication with the ‘lower 49’ and onwards to much of the rest of the world.

Now available for X-Plane 10 is “Final Frontier 10“, from Scenery4XP, covering the Alaskan Panhandle from the Misty Fjords up to Juneau, with a total of 120 airports and seaplane bases within its borders. Look here for more information and screenshots.

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I’d have to disagree, in that FS2004 simply cannot display the resolution of textures and complexity of models that FSX can. The two sims are simply wired differently. That said, I’d have to agree that this doesn’t exactly show X-Plane in its best light. Other sceneries are Orbx quality, though and as XP10 gathers more support, there will be more like them as well. I currently have about a dozen flight simulators of varying types installed including XP10, FSX and FS9. They all have their strengths and weaknesses in various areas, so I have no problem at all in running… Read more »

The prejudice! FS2004 can look like FSX if the scenery is right (thinking of certain airport sceneries available on simmarket). And FSX can look like FS2002 given the right scenery (thinking of certain payware sceneries available on simmarket) 🙂

OK, it isn’t exactly Orbx quality! But for a price less than the price of one (1) Orbx airfield, you get 120 airports and seaplane bases.
And you can buy 3d party airfields in X-plane just as good as Orbx, or even better. But granted, X-plane could do with a little more 3d party support.

Oh my! I thought it was pictures from FS2004, glad I haven’t bought X-plane yet 🙂

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