Nikola Jovanovic – 2D Wiper for Level-D 767


Installed in front of the 2D panels of the Level-D 767-300ER, you can easily add functional 2D wipers.

Both left and right wipers controls on the overhead control them selecting one of the three steps mode.

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  1. Wow $15 for this? really? I think that is about $13 too much for a feature like this. Just my $15 worth.

  2. Agree. Although it does look good, the animations are smooth. But who flies 2D anymore? (just kidding)

    Also impressive is that this week two addons for level-d’s 767 came out, product I first bought for FS2000. It is ancient. But one of the best. I wish the model was updated, with a better VC (although it is quite good already), a cabin and most importantly – a cargo version.

  3. Agree, the LDS 767 is timeless. If only LDS would have some honest news about the 757. Just tell us its going to be 20 years before we get the 757, this way we can wish them well.
    I looked forward to an LDS 757 for about 10 YEARS!!!!, now I don’t even care what happens to Level D.

  4. Guys no rip-off intended, it’s just economical price in case simmarket needs to refund the customers in case I screw something up 🙂 other addons yet to come….

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