New FSX freeware : Milton Shupe’s Dash 7

Milton Shupe Dash7 FSX FreeMilton Shupe, Mike Kelly, and George Arana bring to the community a new freeware with a FSX native model of the Dash 7.

If you’ve liked much the FS9 previous creation, this one will behave perfectly in FSX. Already tested by other fans, it looks like to work well in DirectX 10 beta mode. Click here to download, the file name is

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Friday, May 16, 2014 15:58

I like that bird… slow but impressive t/o performance. Package includes several liveries, mostly Greenland and UN, in both combi and pax-only models -102 and -103.
Includes sound, vc, etc…
Only error I found on a short flight: The roll spoilers! On left bank, ALL extend (even the right ones) while on right turns, NONE extend.
Other than that – excellent freeware