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A2A SimulationsOver at their forums, yesterday, A2A Simulations owner Scott Gentile posted a cat amongst the pigeons… or, at least, an announcement regarding support for Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D and the pricing structure for A2A products moving forwards.

The thread, which can be found here, is so far up to 5 pages of responses but, to cut a long story short, moving forward from this point there will be a different pricing structure for A2A products depending on which simulator you are using for what purpose. It is very much worth noting, though, the following statement which forms part of the post: “While we are developing commercial software using P3D, we fully embrace FSX and see no end in sight to it’s development.”

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  1. “the pricing structure for A2A products moving forwards.”
    Is there a separate pricing structure for products moving backwards?
    Mind you, I prefer my planes to move forwards rather than backwards.

    1. Your point is actually quite valid. A number of people on the thread are asking, if this is the future pricing structure, what will happen to products that are already released and which are not currently supported by P3D installers. There hasn’t been an answer yet, other than that the C172 Trainer will be made available with two versions. This announcement doesn’t currently cover packages from the B377 to P-51D.

      By the way – try the Cub in strong winds. I’ve landed it backwards and it’s really quite disconcerting!

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