Microsoft sells Flight Simulator

fs_soldWe just received the tip that Microsoft will announce today during the E3 event in Los Angeles, California, the future owner of the Flight Simulator licence. This news is from extreme importance to the fs community regarding the future of flight simulation. Be ready for the future!

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      1. MS sold ESP to LM, everything including the source files. MS kept the entertainment rights (FSX) because they wanted a last try at the flight sim market.

  1. Why does “the future of flight simulation” always have to revolve around what happens with MSFS? I’ve been using X-Plane for years now, and quite frankly, I’ve seen multiple versions released of MSFS, the closing of ACES studios, the release of P3D (a repackaged MSFS), and NEVER has my personal flight simulation experience been affected. The way this article (and previous articles spotted around the community) talks, is that the industry will somehow be “revitalized”. And if it doesn’t meet the fan’s expectations, reflected by less than stellar sales, will that somehow “shut the industry down”? And while I’m biased to X-Plane, there are others who use sims like Flight Gear, who probably feel the same as I do.

  2. I am eagerly waiting for the next release. I hope the future releases are computer friendly, unlike FSX, which doesn’t run smooth no matter what’s the spec..

  3. I’ve also seen multiple versions of MSFS – and X-Plane – released since I started using both platforms and, whether fans of any series like it or not, the Microsoft platform is used and developed for by a large multiple more people than any other simulator. The MSFS line is also closed and therefore comparatively irrelevant now.

    A new player in the market is still of very great importance to any other commercial FS developer (maybe not Flightgear) simply because it is another competitor to their platform. It affects everyone. If the new owner releases Flight!2, that will be a boost to anything but the new platform. If they release something with X-Plane’s licensing, but better than X-Plane, that could draw developers away from XP into it. It could lead the XP developers to move in different directions (like, for instance, a far more usable UI for beginners). Just because it doesn’t directly affect you does not mean that it will not affect XP, FG, P3D or any other extant sim.

  4. Whoever the new owner is I hope it’s a company that will take care of the project and start development towards a new version….The “Microsoft Flight” that Microsoft released instead of a real update to the real FSX was a joke. FSX made into a simple arcade game for kids 🙁

  5. I love the game but having spent so much the whole things be a joke prepare3d for me #spenttomuchtimeand effort

  6. I love the game but having spent so much the whole things be a joke prepare3d for me #spenttomuchtimeand effort

  7. Simflights tip was Froogle….lolol this is just a rumour, no proof yet.

  8. I am more than happy with FS2004 so whatever happens to FSX is irrlevant to me. I let others chase the holy grail of flight sims whilst I am content with what I have.

  9. It would seem rumours originate from AVSIM, and most bets appear to be on Dovetail (train sim).

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