Alabeo – C177 Cardinal II FSX/P3D

Alabeo_C177_Cardinal_IIAnnounced in early February, the C177 Cardinal II is finally ready for takeoff in FSX and P3D skies thanks to the work of Alabeo.

Not only the technical features and the visual results make the Alabeo products some of the best GA aircraft available on the market, but this package is particularly interesting as it brings both retractable and fixed gear models, with different interior colors variants, and 8 HD liveries. The 258 Mb pack can be purchased and downloaded from simMarket.

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  1. Could I please request that the version of P3D the various products are compatible with is listed correctly? FSX/P3D just doesn’t really cut it. As I have found out a couple of times a lot of products advertised as P3D compatible do not work in V2 or 2.2. Thanks

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