FlyTampa – Copenhaguen EKCH Preview

FlyTampa_EKCH_june_14We already reported here that Copenhaguen Kastrup EKCH airport was one of the current project to be branded and published by FlyTampa, but it was a good while ago.

Just posted this week, two screenies give an idea of the development status.

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  1. There is already a version of EKCH for FSX so I’m not sure why another has been done when there are so many other airports that are needed. Malaga is Spain’s 3rd busiest airport but has been ignored by developers. I don’t understand why.

    1. As an X-plane user these days, my choice of detailed airports is limited, no matter what. But in my MS FS days, I was often frustrated that none of the major 3d party developers seemed interested in doing Long Island McArthur Airport, or Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial airport; two airports that have a special meaning to me.
      Either they expect it won’t sell (enough); or maybe they can’t get hold of the required information. Just guessing.

    2. There is another version of EKCH? (scansim). Really? If you are happy with that, they why bother buying an add-on in the first place, just go default mate.

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