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simMarket_2014_layoutFounded in 1997, simMarket shop has changed its website layout only a few times. The last one lasted six years with a few mods added along the time. A new modern facelift has been set today to ease browsing the current offers, the best sellers, the wide variety of simulation products.

To celebrate their new look and welcome the visitors, simMarket run sales including REX, Flight1, FSAddon, Iris, Flight Illusion and more.

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  1. This was a face down not a face lift… The site was better the way it was.

  2. Well, the new way to see the screenshots is very practical. I think it is just a matter of getting used to the new look. Only one suggestion (that applied before) – a way to sort promotions by product category.

  3. not great! Can not delete items out of my cart, Page is all blue on blue when I check to view items in my cart. Initial [age for simmarket look ok but when I go to my cart or anything else page loads all blue

  4. Thanks to Adblock, the thickbox and the sliders are gone!
    They were even worse than in the older version of this site. Everything was moving or flashing. I want to see the newest products on the simmarket frontpage and nothing else, at least products which are older than a year or so.


  5. Can not view only items on sale anymore. I purchased many products just because they were on sale, would like to see that capability in the new design.

  6. Doesn’t work with my Firefox browser. I won’t use IE. For the past several years, I’ve done just about all my purchases from Simmarket. Until the site works with Firefox, Simmarket will not make any more money from me. I hate it when companies do unnecessary facelifts on their site. It was perfectly fine before.

    1. What doesn’t work on Firefox? “It doesn’t work” is the least helpful fault finding message in history.

      I was just able to load the site and get through as far as making a payment without any problem in Firefox.

  7. Sorry, but this “facelift” was a step in the wrong direction, in my opinion. Less overview, not a nice design, no improvement!
    Just go back to the old design, it was really better.

    Thanks simmarket for your good services over the years and the nice promotions.

  8. For me the site is now very difficult to use. Some pages work as intended others such as the shopping cart and payment page the formatting is all over the shop. I’ve been very happy with Simmarket over the last few years having purchased over 2000 EUR worth of add ons since December 2011. But I’d rather shop elsewhere before migrating to IE

    1. I just placed orders using both Firefox and Chrome without any issue. However, I have worked through a messed up display with another PC (the simMarket front page didn’t display properly) and there was nothing wrong that wasn’t resolved by clearing the cache.

      On Firefox, click the three horizontal bars button at the top right of the screen, select “Options”, “Privacy” and the text “clear your recent history” in the middle of the pop up window. Ensure “cache” is ticked (none of the others should need to be) and click “Clear now”.

      On Chrome, click the three horizontal bars button at the top right of the screen, select “History”, “Clear browsing data”, ensure “Cached images and files” is ticked (none of the others should need to be) and click “Clear browsing data”.

      That solved the problem on the one of four Chrome installs that I had problems on (I didn’t have any problems on any Firefox installation – I don’t use IE) so is worth trying for anyone with messed up layouts on the new site.

    1. The same happened to me with Chrome. I just clicked the refresh icon left of the address window, like Bob suggested and problem solved.

    1. this is your browsers cache memory playing up, to solve simply refresh the page by pressing F5 once or twice. and please always use a current known browser version!!!!

  9. I am not really amused about the new look!

    For example I can not find the the section ” speciell offers – Sonderangebote”

  10. Well, it looks like they fixed it. I didn’t have to do anything with my browser. Visited the page last night and it’s working perfectly. Just made several purchases today. Thanks Simmarket.

  11. Not quite. They didn’t need to fix anything, because your browser cache is only valid for a short time, after which it redownloads the full page anyway. What you are now seeing is what has been on the simMarket website since launch. This was always a self clearing problem, given enough time.

  12. @Miguel: Thank you for your help with the “Sonderangebote” – and sorry for my blindness… Sh_t happens.

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