Drzewiecki Design – New York Airports X online



It appeared shorlty online a few days ago, but Drzewiecki Design announced they fixed the display and performance issues found in the initial product.

It’s an impressive challenge to develop and bundle so many airports of New York : JFK, Newark, La Guardia, Teterboro, Essex County and Linden. Try the free demo if you want, it works in either FSX, P3D v1.4 or P3D v2. The seasonal and night photoreal terrain, the accurate airport layout, volumetric grass and 3D airbridges at KFJK demonstrate all of these airports are well detailed for the price of one. Purchase New York Airports X at simMarket.

For a complete scenery of New York, add New York City X from the same developers.

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oh no 🙁

I have experienced large FPS improvement by switching some shadows off in P3D. The package is great and BTW 5 euros per airport is really FAIR!

The scenery is perfectly flyable after tweaking my settings for 1 minute… and it looks just amazing! I am getting 15 FPS on my old 3.3GHz PC which is fully satisfactory.

The scenery is UNFLYABLE ! not even 20FPS with default aircrafts…

I am getting up to 20 FPS in KJFK (3.4 GHz) which is perfectly flyable and all the airports are cute. I am very satisfied!

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