Microsoft Flight servers shutdown soon


October14th 2014 is the day planned by Microsoft to shutdown the servers of Flight. In facts, the multiplayer mode and various features of the game that was still for sale two years ago won’t be accessible anymore.

Only the offline single player mode will remain, for its most part, working. After a short FAQ, Microsoft say thanks to its millions of Flight Simulator series customers, wishing them to land smoothly. That’s their way to leave the flight simulation users.

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  1. For those who didn’t read the comments, StoneLance is working on a new version of his “Flight Toolkit” ( which will allow playing Flight without needing to use GFWL. It will also allow new users to run Flight, and enable community created Aerocaches. The only thing missing will be multiplayer support.

  2. And now it seems DoveTail Games made the Licensing Deal with Microsoft

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