Virtual Fly : the yoke for flight sim


Virtual Fly manufactured a new yoke for flight simulation, with a case made of steel and the yoke of aluminium.

Two buttons and two switches at each fingertips have been added.

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  1. For that kind of money I would be getting the Iris Dynamic force feedback yoke…oh wait… i am!!! 😀

  2. Yes,

    I saw one at my best friends Roy’s place.
    He send het back for a refund.

    For lets say 400 Euro its oke, but 1499 is WAY over prised!
    And his yoke even did not clamped to the table right (3 different tables)
    As you also can see in this ….. little movie above our comments.

    With all do respect, this is CRAP for that price.

    Greetings, and have a nice weekend


  3. For that money you can get a PFC with Hall Sensors – which is a proven and excellent product that is absoluetly smooth in the pitch and roll axes…

  4. Can’t understand the high price for something relatively simple to construct. And with only 4 buttons and 4 switches it’s hardly helpful for mapping FSX commands. Someone’s taking the mickey!

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