Wing Creation – RJFU Nagasaki screen shot


Wing Creation the Japanese developer have just posted sneak preview image of new scenery “NAGASAKI” on facebook and Twitter(header image) today.

as you know,  last week,  they posted other image already.
so. this Jet-ways image is incredible.

well, Japanese editor’s information for this week. “again” 😀

what’s that characters on Jet-ways?

that is image of Japanese National Sports Festival 2014’s.
that event move out to other prefectures in Japan every year. last year was Tokyo. by the way.
Japan have 47 prefectures. that is special event for Nagasaki in this year.
– may be 47 years later, they have this event again. –

so. all events have different characters.

Character name is Gamba-kun.
latest Nagasaki Airport will come soon!

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  1. Arigatō, Ru-san
    But if I understand correctly, after 2014 the jetway is obsolete and we have to repaint it ? 🙂

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