X-Plane 10 Global 64bit Best Of


X-Plane 10 is a new generation flight simulator, benefiting of regular updates with new features, and it’s adapted for 64bit home computers systems, using either Windows, Linux or Mac.

Known for its ultimate flight dynamics engine, X-Plane 10 has also its global scenery automatically generated, with innovative lighting effects and ATC simulation. Nice (LFMN), Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) and Faro (LPFR) are three detailed airports included in the box that you can purchase at simMarket.

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  1. Anybody know what the difference with the normal X-Plane 10 Global is? Except for the price?

  2. Amongst some other stuff, you get quite some Aerosoft airports with it. The 64 bit is really the way to go for the future, switched to it about 2 months ago and really enjoying it.

  3. No, actually. I was trying to work that out last night so I could post this one. I can but presume that it just includes all the updates you would otherwise have to download. Anyone else know?

    Stefaan: The Aerosoft boxed edition has always contained some of their airports – I think the same ones, although I’m currently on the iPad and not my PC so can’t check. (Edit: yes, they are the same airports, after checking…)

  4. a) What price difference? EUR 49.98 incl. VAT more or less corresponds with US$59.99 ( $1.00 equals EUR 0.76 as of time of writing)

    b) I think our German Aerosoft friends simply added “Best of” for marketing reasons! 🙂

    (PS: There used be a cheaper, “regional” edition. Not sure if that is still available)

    1. Johan, the boxed version in Europe costs EUR 69.99 via Aerosoft. So, there is a EUR 20 price difference…

      I also asked this question in the Aerosoft forums, let’s see when I get a reply.

  5. I got a reply in the Aerosoft forum: the Best of edition is exactly the same as the normal X-plane 10 Global…

      1. No idea, but I’m not about to complain if they lower the price. 😉 Probably marketing, or just a new production batch or something…

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