Navigraph New HD Video Tutorials available!


Navigraph publish HD video tutorials to learn how to perform departures, and many approach procedures of different kinds : visual, NDB, ILS.

Of course, the video shows you how to read and analyse the information retrieved from the respective airport chart. Each video can be purchased, or you can access them via your subscription to Charts Cloud

New videos added :

1) Budapest SID-31R
A Boeing 767 performs departure NALAG 3X from RWY 31R at Budapest (LHBP).

2) Liverpool ILS-09
An Embraer performs an ILS approach to RWY 09 at Liverpool (EGGP).

3) Manchester VOR-23L
An Airbus 330 performs a VOR approach to RWY 23L at Manchester (EGCC).

4) Manila ILS-06 MISAP
A Boeing 737 performs a missed approach to RWY 06 at Manila (RPLL).

5) Vancouver NDB-08R
A Boeing 737 performs an NDB approach in heavy snow to RWY 08R at Vancouver (CYVR).

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