Wing Creation Inc 20% OFF for 2 weeks


It has just startedΒ It will start on September 15th and will last for the next two weeks : order any Wing Creation Inc. scenery and benefit of a 20% price discount.

Fukushima, Tokyo Narita or even the latest Sendai are detailed Japanese airports with HD seasonal textures for FSX and P3D.

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  1. no it says “It has just started and will last for the next two weeks” Meaning it will run for 2 weeks not it will start in 2 weeks!

    1. I think a little mathematical subtraction practice may be in order, if you think that the 15th is in two weeks. πŸ˜‰

          1. OK, fair enough. I am a little late to this one, so I didn’t know that. Sorry.

            It was intended to be a light-hearted comment, rather and a direct jibe though. I’m also sorry if it didn’t come across that way. Such is the problem with typed rather than spoken words.

  2. Sorry I am not your “man” but a customer.

    With due respect and correct language, I would attract your attention on the wording of your message stating “next two weeks” this does not mean the promotion necessarily starts in the future. In addition, it also says “it has just started”…

    So please check your language and vocabulary, and never forget clients know how to read too.

    Thank you.

  3. Jean-Claude, I believe it is pretty obvious Zephyr R U is not a native english speaker and he is doing a service for us by writing these articles, for free. I doubt he gains any monetary retribution from you being a Simmarket costumer, also. You certainly seem to write correctly in english but in my opinion you’d benefit from softning down the tone a bit. Pardon my language, I am not a native english speaker either.

    1. We can only apologise for the error in the original article which, as you note, has now been corrected. However, by correctly noting that the price reduction has not yet started, you did not lose any money.

      No, Zephyr is the editor of simFlight. Japan and he is lending us a hand here at .com because I was ill for some considerable time and thus not available to post news. The only native English speakers on staff, currently, are Shaz and I. She’s an English graduate. My mother was a chemistry teacher and any ability I have to use this language correctly is thanks to her!

      It’s also worth reminding people again that simMarket is not simFlight and simFlight is not simMarket, although simMarket pays for simFlight’s server costs and for some staff costs where applicable. No-one can ever be a customer of simFlight, because you do not have to pay anything to us in order to access this website. You can be a vistor or a reader if you prefer, Jean-Claude, and you may be a simMarket customer, but you are not our customer, sorry. We don’t work for simMarket, except one editor here, who also writes the simMarket newsletter. As I keep pointing out to the boss, letting me loose in the backoffice of simMarket would probably be dangerous to their profit margin and stock levels. πŸ™‚


      Ian P.
      (Whose command of the English language is proven wonderfully, by having to edit for typos twice, so far… I either need more caffeine or a brain transplant, I think.)

      1. As a non-native English speaker I have to admire your correct use of “I” as in “are Chaz and I”. I probably would have written “and me”. πŸ™‚

        1. The way I tend to work with English around here is “can I make sense of it and does it say what it’s intended to?”

          “Me and Shaz” or “Shaz and me” may not be perfect English, but they’re perfectly acceptable, except maybe in an exam or formal presentation.

          Heck. Apart from a bit of French and a tiny bit of German, I can only communicate in English. It always astounds me how well other people can use it, because as languages go, it’s an awful one to learn and use!

          1. You are absolutely right about that. English is very difficult because it is so idiomatic. Unfortunately, many non-native speakers suffer from the delusion that their English is near-perfect, while most of the time they simply translate literally. For example, “Do you have a light?” in Dutch or Flemish would be “Heeft u een vuurtje”, but translated literally becomes “Do you have a little fire?” But no, the low countries aren’t filled with arsonists πŸ™‚ Anyway, happy flying !

  4. The image Zephyr has posted above clears this up, the sale starts nest 15th and will run for 2 weeks. The article text should be edited to say the sale will begin next monday the 15th and last for 2 weeks. Cheers,

  5. Thanks for clearing that up, you can understand the confusion this caused though, I’m not knocking anyone’s command of the english language, but the original text did say it had already started! πŸ™‚

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t fly around Tokyo. Now I’ve got SOCAL tamed, Tokyo is the only place on the FS planet where my frame rate turns to seconds per frame. πŸ™

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