Aerosoft – Airbus Bundle A318/A319 + A320/321

AO_A318It’s now possible to purchase the complete bundle of Aerosoft Airbus, so you don’t have to choose between the babies 318/319 or the longer 320/321 variants.

For new comers, be aware that the A320/A321 will be added to your downloads only when they are finished, probably in October. Existing customers of the Airbus X Extended A320/321 can order the same bundle but there is a price drop of 20 EUR (vat incl) !

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  1. I’ve just been to look at the Aerosoft site, because I was trying to work this out for myself and found the pricing thread on their forums.

    It looks like the new A320/A321 due for release next month will still carry a charge for existing users. Therefore it’s probably worth getting the bundle, which has two discounts – one for being bought alongside the A318/A319 and a second for being a current user (provided you get the licenses from the same place you got the current one…)

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