Aerosoft A318/319 — HotFix 1.02


AEROSOFT released the hotfix 1.02  for  A318/A319.

This is the third hotfix file for V1.00. Note that this is still a hotfix and not a next version.

No earlier hotfix is needed. Redownload the hotfix if you have any previous hotfix versions,


These files aim to fix/add:


  • CTD when entering ILS IDENT to tune the NAV Radios
  • Minor Line Fixes
  • Fixes in “AirbusXConnectExtended” 


  • Minor pitch tuning


  • VLS now affected by alpha when in turns and spoilers used.
  • VFE corrected to immediately step down when next step of flaps is commanded
  • S Speed operative regardless of MCDU phase.
  • Removed Green = overspeed indication when config is not clean
  • Minor Flight Director Fixes


  • Added a option to use software rendering instead of hardware rendering. Use the configurator to select this option.
  • Fixed leaks and fps issues introduced accidentally in the first hotfix.
  • Performance optimizations
  • IAE related fuel flow bug fixed.


  • Performance Optimization
  • APU FLAP OPEN time doubled.
  • EXT PWR AVAIL light goes off when pushed on.


  • “SPEED SPEED” Low Energy Warning tweaked.
Checklist- / Copilot Functionality
  • Copilot now says Auto for the Probe/Windowheat
  • PF FLAPS ZERO call changed.

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