Mega Airport London Heathrow now also for FS9


Mega Airport London Heathrow is no longer limited to FSX and P3D, it’s now also working in FS9 !

Thanks to Sim-Wings latest design techniques, the most important hub of all Europe is now live, detailed, and full of details, animations, HD textures..

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  1. Using this kind of mega-airport, fs9 is still a winner. Can you run this on FSX, with max AI aircrafts, on a typical english weather , without being a slideshow ?

  2. I’m still using FS9 today as well (along with P3Dv2). P3D just doesn’t have all the add-on detailed locations/airports FS9 has yet (neither does FSX for that matter). FS9 is still a good platform no matter what some may think. The amount of scenery options for it still surpasses both FSX and P3D thanks to the years of freeware support that didn’t quite catch on as with FSX.

  3. Re Graham Emmott – I still run a seriously heavily modified FS9. It is stable and stutter free and looks great. I use it primarily on line now because of this. I also use FSX 80% of the time and P3D v2.4 less than fs9 as it is so unstable. Very disappointed in LM.

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