Vidan Design’s Endelave v1.1

136252_02Vidan Design‘s small virtual slices of Danish life are pretty much expected to┬ástart off looking superb at the time of release, but sometimes things can be tweaked and improved, which is why Endelave has been significantly updated to version 1.1, which is now available through simMarket, also celebrating 50 years of the real world airport.

The new version, which can be found here and is free to existing Endelave customers (read the notes on the product page!) includes the following alterations to the original 2010 package.:

  • Updated 3D models and textures
  • New photorealistic ground scenery (30 cm/pixel) with seasonal variation
  • Added Seasonal change tool
  • Added custom ambient sounds
  • Added volumetric grass, flowers, bushes
  • New autogen houses, farming buildings and trees
  • Added dynamic GA AI traffic

The scenery is compatible with MS FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v2.

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  1. It seems the article is missing some vital links – just putting words in bold isn’t good enough ­čÖé

  2. Hmm. I’ll blame the medication. The words “through simMarket” were a link… the word “here”, which should have been a second link, now is instead!

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