BlackBox Issue Update Press Release

BBS_A340_preview_Sept_2014BlackBox Simulation have issued a Press release, explaining the development process of their Airbus series aircraft and why there has been such a long delay in development.

Here at BlackBox Simulation we know the customer matters, and some of you are understandably becoming frustrated or speculating about the current projects, our methods and even the future of our company. To this end we have decided to put together this press release in order to end such speculation, answer some of your most common questions, calm some nerves and illustrate that we really are on the right path to join the leaders in flight simulation.”

The full text of the PDF Press Release can be read by clicking here: BBS Press Release – November 1st 2014

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  1. Is in the A330 MRTT animated refuelling hoses visible in the Multiplayer world to the outer player ? a good test pilot is always in training.

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