Gone Fishin’… For clues?

The Early Access version of Dovetail Games Fishing is now available through Steam, for those who want to be involved in the development of the title through to completion and formal release.

But, you ask, what the hook and line has that got to do with flight simming? Well, in case you aren’t aware, DTG are now the license holders to further develop the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise and, following the future release of FSX: Steam Edition, they intend to develop their own version which, like their current Train Simulator brand, will probably be based on the Unreal 4 engine. The first “U4” title being developed by the brand is this – Dovetail Games Fishing. So whether you’re just interested to see what they’re doing with Unreal4, or whether you fancy flying a bush plane to a secluded lake and then switching sims, you can find out more here.

Please remember, though, it is Early Access and as such is not ‘feature complete’, or bug free. Maybe the carp will eat the bugs? Who knows!

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