AZI Studios : Another pack of UHD Liveries for the CS 727

AZI Studios CS 727 UHD textures 2

Freshly arrived at simMarket shop, it’s already displaying its price reduced by 20%, but only until tomorrow night February 6th. The UHD Textures 2 pack is a set of five airlines liveries for the Captain Sim Boeing 727-200 in FSX.

It may be obvious, but it makes sense to remind that the aircraft of Captain Sim is not included : you even need the 727-100 base product and 727-200 expansion, separately sold by Captain Sim. Anyway, if that’s your case, then this new ultra high definition set will give you the following liveries : Lufthansa 1980, Royal Jordanian, Pan AM, AeroSur and Tyrkish airlines.

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