Free : Hawaiian airports Part 1 & 2


They look so sweet and detailed, there’s nothing to prevent you from getting them quickly. These Hawaiian airports are free and brought to us and FSX thanks to George Keogh.

Splitted in two parts (respectively 238 Mb and 156 Mb), the nine airports included have realistic buildings, trees, parkings, apron, with textures made from actual pictures taken in real life, plus animated objects (people, vehicles, waves..).

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[…] Hawái puede ser una adición con el tercer pack de aeropuertos de la zona, generosamente ofrecidos por George Keogh; este paradisiaco archipiélago del océano Pacífico puede ser descargado desde aquí. […]

[…] 插件占用84.5 Mb的空间,带来4个机场。之前他发布了第一和第二部分,请点击这里查看。 […]

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