Dangerous Approaches on Midland Mainline?!

dangerousapprachescropDovetail‘s rapid release schedule is hitting again, with both a Flight Simulator and Train Simulator add-on released within the last two days.

The Train Sim add-on, to deal with that quickly, is the British “Midland Mainline” or, as usual, part of it – from London St. Pancras to Bedford. The 55 mile route can be found here.

The FSX:SE addition, which will be of more interest to our readership is “Dangerous Approaches” by Jane Whittaker, featuring 30 “nail biting” missions – not just flight plans this time – requiring specific procedures to be followed in order to execute a safe landing. Find out more here.


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  1. thanks ever so much for posting this! Yes, just to confirm, these are fully featured proper missions, complete with reward achievements and some amazing voiceover work by a lovely lady that many will recognise from US TV! It’s the first exclusive DLC written for the Steam version of FSX. It’s all new!

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