PMDG – Douglas DC-6B preview

PMDG - DC-6B Preview March 15

For the first time, PMDG will release a new aircraft addon for three simulators : FSX, P3D v2 and X-Plane 10. This last one will even be the first to see the good old DC-6B.

You will need to master the basic flight techniques, up to to the fuel management and engines parameters including oil to ensure the best efficiency and reliability of your airplane. X-Plane 10 version will even get the circuit breaker simulated. Read the complete PMDG message with new preview screenshots here.

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  1. Hope they make all that Management Optional, with just a click of the mouse like A2A did their B-377 Propliner, I find it easier to get used to the airplane 1st by flying it then getting into the particulars of how it all works.

  2. Probably the longest “coming soon” in FS history but I am still not tired of waiting. Wow. It is a beauty.

  3. Another dream made real. You made my day PMDG. Thanks. I’m looking forward to seen very soon.

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