Microsoft Edge – Flight Arcade

flight_arcadeBased on Microsoft Edge web technology, they are giving access to a free Flight Arcade online game, only playable in your internet browser.

Flying through the rings in the air will give you the wings to try another level like the conventional takeoff procedure. Just a keyboard or an Xbox controller is required. More info about this project and its development here.

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  1. What is your problem, guys? This was never intended to be a simulator for you to play with for a longer time. This is more of the tech demo of what todays browser engines are capable of. Flight Sim tech demos have been used for so many years to show the development of technology, so why not continue this? I mean this thing looks better than MS FS2002 and it runs on simple code inside your webbrowser. On this base there could be done so much more in the future. Maybe not a Flight Sim you like to see, but I have enough ideas, where this could be very useful.

  2. Because the downward spiral is evident. Something we all have been watching for years since Flight Simulator’s cancellation and the release and marketing of Flight. I’m glade we’ve got what we’ve gotten from MS over the years. FS9/P3D still amaze me in things and areas I had not discovered. Reducing this legacy to an Arcade game like this is disgraceful. You can put a light hearted spin on it but it’s horrid just the same.

  3. Although it is a clear promo for MS Edge capability, it is really strange to read about the link between this fluffy mobile like app and MS ledgend and pioneer in computer gaming and Simulation FS, that the same company put to rest in moments of Marketing confusion… If I was the Marketing specialist behind this promo / demo, I would have avoided making any link to FS… It is nothing to be proud of especially after Flight flop… As it is already mentioned in a previous comment…

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