Outerra Scene Editor preview


The marvellous Outerra engine will have a live editing tool to move, rotate, copy, insert the scenery items.

Third party developers know well the external tools that are necessary to create sceneries for FSX/P3D in a different manner, out of the sim. With its Scene Editor using the graphics engine, Outerra allows a complete and direct overview of the results as they will be displayed at the end.

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  1. Not the best video I have seen from Outerra. Firstly what were they thinking with that music? None of the scenery objects were rotated and most of them appeared to be left floating in mid air. It would be nice to see a more polished video of what can actually be achieved.

  2. This is the reality of every modern engine: being able to edit and manipulate the engine landscape and elements inside the engine, in real time. FS, XP and P3D are old fashioned engines that are based on database processing to generate the virtual world… 3rd party tools and a frustrating process is required to generate scenery for these old school engines… Outerra, if one day a flight simulator will be born out of it, it will simply make scenery editing very accessible to every user of the simulator around the world and thus the virtual world would not be wasted as it is now in FS where only industrial and modern continents have fancy scenery covering them while the most exotic parts of the planet are untouched… This type of editing can make any local sim fan work on the corner of the planet he / she is familiar with… Can’t wait to see this Outerra engine fly 🙂

  3. The music was a last minute kludge after it was pointed out that the only sound in the original video was lots of nasty speaker hissing noises.

    Scenery objects can already be rotated/lowered etc etc in the current editor even in the old (current) editor. This video was more about the looks and some extra functionality in the new editor..

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