CaptainSim – 727 Service Pack 2.6 Released Now with P3D Compatibility


If you fly the CaptainSim 727 and haven’t purchased it after the 24 Jul 2015 at 20:40 UTC, Then head on over to your account and download the new service pack. The new service pack v2.6 includes lots of small system and Misc fixes in addition to P3D Compatibility for the base pack in addition to FSX Steam compatibility. There’s also a free upgrade to the Prepar3D versions for the 727-200 and Freighter Expansion Models available. Full Change list below.

New features:

        – B727-100 Base Pack Released for P3D

– Free upgrade to Prepar3D for 727-200 and Freighter Expansion Models available

      – FSX Steam Edition compatibility added
      – Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA) added
      – V-One – Datacard for Takeoff/Landing with Call-Outs added
      – EPR Hold function added
      – DME display’s functions added (VOR1, VOR2, TAT)
              – Winglets on/off animation feature added


        – Mouse wheel rotation bug for all knobs fixed
        – Flight model fixed and improved
        – Aircraft holding the ILS and/or GS improved
        – Engine EPR calculation fixed and improved
        – Fuel system bugs fixed
        – Fuel dump system bugs fixed
        – Fuel flow improved
        – Pressurization system bugs fixed
        – GPWS Switch Fixed
        – Sudden loss of electric fixed
        – Elevator trim sensitivity fixed
        – Autopilot hotkeys added
        – Autopilot bugs fixed
        – Autopilot pitch hold for FSX SP2 version fixed
        – Wiskey compass indication fixed
        – ADI indication corrected
        – MDA light fixed
        – Decision height system fixed
        – Radio altitude fixed
        – NAV/GPS Switch added (marker switch replaced)
        – Airspeed Cursor Control added
        – Altimeter indication fixed and improved
        – CIVA alignment and Active Sky Next compatibility fixed
        – HDG bug fixed
        – Flaps gauge fixed


        – Flight load/save fixed
        – Engine smoke fixed
        – Tooltips fixed and improved
        – Icons panel improved
        – 2D night drawing improved
        – Minor memory leaks fixed
        – FSX frame rate improved
        – Manuals updated
        – Product activation on some systems fixed




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  1. Reinstalled it last night. Textures are showing their age, but the flight director now seems to work. Still can’t hide the yoke so a lot of fiddling with EZ Doc settings. P3D is a separate purchase – would be nice if that was made extra clear….

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