FSoftware – Salzburg Released


FSoftware have just released their rendition of Salzburg. Its available on the simMarket store for €14.40 excl VAT. The pictures provided are a little too much on the bright side which could be a slight issue if you want to see the ground textures in a more natural environment.

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  1. 18 €, 65 MB. Well you must feel a very strong desire for Salzburg to buy it.
    According to the pictures it is average freeware quality

  2. It’s not a problem when people start to make money with their creations, but it will be a problem when people thinking to make quick money with bad quality for a idiot high price.
    I remember the aerosoft Erfurt as yesterday, and that was a big shame back in 2012
    And it is also still in store today.
    sceneries like this quality should be freeware.
    I pass with this one.

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