Paul Studio – Guangzhou Baiyun Released XP10


Paul Studios have released an X-Plane 10 Rendition of Guangzhou Baiyun, ZGGG. It’s currently available on simMarket and the screenshots appear to show an amazing product. Get yours today! Maybe we will see more X-Plane developers over on simMarket in the near future!

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  1. There may be some cosmetics involved in those pics, but I’ve always felt XP10 has more scenerty potential than FSX or P3D

  2. Hi,

    the link is dead and there is no scúch scenery to be found at simmarket – does any one know whats up?

  3. I saw it online on simmarket but it’s not there anymore. In terms of night lighting, XP10 seems to beat FSX with flying colours. I wonder if the flood lights really light up the models depending on aircraft position and orientation?

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