Eaglesoft Challenger 605 Announced


Eaglesoft have announced the development of one of flight-sims most desired business jets; thus being the Challenger 605. There’s currently only a couple of previews available but I bet Eaglesoft will do a brilliant job.


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  1. While this is great news and the Challenger is an excellent Business Jet. The business decision by EagleSoft to use RealNavdata as its database provider means that customers who demand accurate and updated Aeronautical data will have to pay yet another provider for this privilege. RealNavdata and Navigraph are not compatible with each other so for many customers Eaglesoft’s decision is doubling the cost of accurate navigation databases across multiple products.

    Secondly, Eaglesoft still requires users to install their software by disabling UAC or through Safe Mode in modern Operating Systems. For years Eaglesoft has not supported users of Windows 8 and their primary avionics developer has stated he will never use Windows 10. Expensive single use navigation data and no support for modern Windows Operating systems is the unfortunate reality of Eaglesoft products.

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