Hololens Virtual Reality by Microsoft


Beside Samsung and Oculus VR projects, Microsoft also develops their own Virtual Reality solution : Hololens.

It has been demonstrated at ‘Windows 10 Devices Event’, where we can note at least an important difference with other similar devices, it blends the virtual with your actual environment. Why not controlling a full virtual cockpit from your desktop seat in a few years ? Microsoft will promote its use for both professional and entertainment markets according to

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  1. What do you guys think? Do you see a direct application of this technology to FS? It seems, at least at first thought, that something like the occulus rift might be more useful. But being able to see your body while simulating the cockpit might allow you to intereact virtually with the instrument panel. Although I wouldn’t enjoy turning invisible knobs and switches with my fingers in mid air. Or perhaps if you have own a homebuilt cockpit thenn you could use the hololens to simulate all the scenery behind it instead of projecting it on a screen?

  2. Now everyone can experiance an LSD drug induced trip without taking the drug. You can tear up your house to make it complete. I will say this could be revolutionary for aviation simulation but house of horror games looks like a drug induced high more than anything.

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