HiFi Simulations – New Pricing


On the simMarket store, new pricing has been put in place for their Active Sky range. Active Sky: Next can now be purchased for €29.99 excl VAT (About a €7 reduction) whereas Active Sky: Evolution is now available for €24.99 Excl VAT. If you haven’t already, head over to their respective store page to get your copy of either product today

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  1. MICHAEL, thanks for the info. Looks like the price is not updated yet on the product page

    1. It appeared on the product page when I wrote the post. Strange, It may be adding VAT for you country which slightly increases the price?

      1. Right! It was the VAT. And many thanks for your good work. I click the Thank You button everytime a news match my interest, which happens quite often.

    1. But that will >only< work with FSX:SE, no other platform. The non-Steam version works with multiple simulators.

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